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Lakeshore F.C. Rec Players-Parents Manual

Lakeshore F.C. Rec offers on-line registration, https://tcyso.demosphere-secure.com/_registration. Once the teams are formed, using your access code, you can check registration, check the team to which your child/children have been assigned, see their coaches’ information, check the game schedule and much more. Player registration is Early June through Mid-July for the following Fall season. A Rec “season” includes games in the fall and the spring. When you sign up, athletes are committing to play on the same team in the fall AND in the spring.

  • Each player’s coach will call on or before Labor Day to arrange the first practice. Expect to receive practice schedules, game schedules and Team t-shirts at the first practice or team meeting.

  • Please contact us at lakeshorerec@lakeshorefc.com, if you have a change in address or telephone number before or during the season. It is important that the registrar and the player’s coach can contact you in the event of a cancellation or some other event.


Forming and balancing teams is likely the most complex and time-consuming activity that the volunteers perform. It also can be the most controversial aspect of the process. Our goal is to create balanced teams based on a limited amount of data available for each of the players.

The data includes:

  • Division

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Height and weight

Sorting the data from all player registrations is the first step in the process of creating balanced teams. Utilizing team balancing software programs constitutes the second step in the process. This software incorporates division, gender, and size, when available. The teams are further balanced by “hand” taking into consideration the number of “younger v. older” players on each team (note that the registration software can differentiate between the ages of players within each of the divisions), the players size and requests made by coaches, assistant coaches, sponsors, and same gender siblings who are in the same division.

Team forming requests that we strive to honor:

  • Head coaches can request that their child/children (same division and same gender) be assigned to the same team that he/she is coaching.

  • Assistant coaches will be assigned to the team with their child or children playing in the division.

  • Team Sponsors can request that a specific coach or player/players immediate family, (same division and same gender) be assigned to the team that they are sponsoring.

  • Parents or guardian can request that their children who are in the same division and of the same gender be assigned to the same team.

Team forming requests that we don’t consider (even though we are empathetic to the busy schedules of today’s families):

  • Players cannot be assigned to teams outside of their birth date and/or gender-based division. Click here for the age/division matrix.

  • Players will not be assigned to a team with a specific coach (except for the coach’s dependents and the sponsor requests).

  • Players will not be assigned a team because of playing with another specific player.

  • Players will not be assigned teams to accommodate schedule conflicts.

  • Players will not be assigned teams to avoid crossing “the bridge” for practices.

  • Players will not be assigned teams to accommodate neighborhood carpools.



It is important for players to attend practices, which are usually scheduled for one hour and only once per week during the fall and spring seasons. Practice fields may or may not be the same in the spring and fall seasons. 

  • Please have your player to the practices on time. 

  • Please do not leave during practices. Do not leave other underage siblings or friends at the practices unsupervised. The Coaches are focused on guiding their team. Aside from you, the parent or guardian, there is no one at the field who can be responsible for siblings and/or friends who are not team members.


Our practices and games are on various fields at parks, schools and recreation areas in the greater Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg areas. Please show your appreciation for the use of these areas by making sure you take all litter and items with you when you leave

Weather Considerations

Soccer games and practices are not cancelled because of rain or sleet. Games and practices are cancelled if a tornado watch or warning has been issued for the county prior to the game or practice. If the game or practice is in progress, they are cancelled by the referee or coach when thunder is heard (an indication that the potential for lightening may exist). The balance of the day’s practices or games will continue as scheduled once the watch or warning has been lifted or the apparent lightening danger has passed. Cancelled games are not rescheduled. Coaches are encouraged to contact the coach of the team which they were supposed to play, to play the game at one of their scheduled practice times and locations. 


  • Each player will be issued a Team t-shirt that is his/hers to keep when the player finishes the season. We do need the shirt back if a player quits and the shirt is needed for his/her replacement. The player must wear their Team t-shirt at every game.

  • Parents and guardians have an opportunity to select a t-shirt size during registration. When specifying a size, remember that the t-shirt should fit for a year after registration and that a size or two larger will accommodate some growth and layers of warmer clothing during the late fall and early spring.

  • Each soccer player will need a pair of black shorts to wear at the games. The players may wear the black shorts over long pants in cold weather.

  • Players are required to wear shin guards at all games and practices. The shin guards must be covered by knee socks (or long pants in cold weather). Referees and coaches shall not allow players on the field without covered shin guards.

  • Shoes designed for outdoor soccer are recommended, but not required. Tennis shoes, basketball shoes, turf shoes or indoor soccer shoes may be worn but they will not be nearly as effective as outdoor soccer shoes, especially when the grass is wet. Baseball shoes/cleats are not allowed.

  • Straps are required for eyeglasses.

  • Jewelry, including earrings and other body piercings, must be removed prior to games and practices. Covering earrings or other body piercings with band-aids or tape is not allowed.

  • Physician-prescribed knee braces are allowed if they do not pose a danger to the other players.

  • In the unfortunate situation where the athlete is wearing a cast or a splint, the athlete will not be allowed to play even if they cover the cast or splint.



  • In Lakeshore F.C. Rec, all players will play and playing time is balanced by the coach. Help make it a fun learning and exercising experience by keeping it light and friendly.

  • Support your players, coaches, and team. Let them have fun by not focusing on winning and losing. Be respectful and kind to both teams by cheering to acknowledge good plays and by complimenting the efforts put forth by both teams.

  • Do not put pressure on your player or your coach to “win”, to perform to unreasonable standards or to meet potentially unattainable expectations. 

  • Point out the positive efforts/results and don’t dwell on the negative. When everyone tries their best, they deserve to be treated like winners.

Sideline Coaching

Lakeshore F.C. Rec allows limited, positive sideline coaching by the coaching staff. Spectators may encourage and cheer, but please do not coach or shout directions to individual players. Leave the coaching to the coaches!


Lakeshore F.C. Rec does not allow protests. Contact us via email lakeshorerec@lakeshorefc.com if you have a safety related concern or complaint.


When making calls, referees are not allowed to be influenced by the coaches, players, or spectators. Mistakes will be made by coaches, players, referees, and spectators. Do not shout insulting or offensive remarks to the referees. Discussions must take place during breaks and must be handled in a quiet, subdued manner. Do not argue with, shout protests at or take issue with the referees. They are most likely volunteering their time for the benefit of the players.

Behavioral Issues

Insults and other forms of verbal abuse will not be tolerated. The steps for dealing with verbal abuse are:

  • Warning to the abuser by the referee or coach.

  • If it persists, request that abuser leave the field.

  • If it persists, end the game.

Children of parents who persist with verbal abuse will not be allowed to continue playing in the league. 


Physical Abuse

Physical abuse will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted.



Lakeshore F.C. Rec may issue a partial refund ($20.00) if the request is made within the first two weeks of the start of the season. Let us know as soon as possible if you are moving out of the area or if your player has changed his/her mind about playing. If your player chooses instead to be on a travel team, after they have been placed on a team a refund will not be given. If your child is trying out for a travel team but would like to remain on our list, they will be placed on a waiting list rather than on a team to avoid the mass confusion with dropping and adding players during the season. Please call or email us as soon as possible if your child will be playing Lakeshore F.C. Rec so that we can place him/her on a team. Early notification is a solution where everyone benefits. It is important that the player return the Team t-shirt, if one has been issued, so that the coach can issue it to a new player coming off the waiting list. We only order t-shirts for the number of players on the team. To obtain a refund, submit a brief, dated, written request to lakeshorerec@lakeshorefc.com


Report all injuries for which you seek medical treatment to us immediately. Lakeshore Football Club's Accident Reimbursement Plan (ARP) may assist in paying out-of-pocket medical expenses for treatment of qualifying injuries during a scheduled Lakeshore F.C. Rec practice or game.



The success of the program depends on everyone; parents, players and all the volunteers who give up their time to make it all come together. There are roughly 1,200 athletes in the program. That translates to over 125 teams playing 75 games each Saturday morning of the season on most every green space in the community. Thanks to all of you, it is the most successful youth recreational program around. Keep up the good work. We appreciate you. The kids obviously enjoy it.