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Training is occasionally offered throughout the year for coaches who might want to improve their soccer skills. It’s presented by Patrick Moran and JP DeLass through the YMCA and any fees are paid by TCYSO. Unfortunately we do not offer any certifications through the program nor do we reimburse you for attending other courses attempting to gain certification. Contact the Y or TCYSO for further information.

Risk Management training is required of all coaches in the program and is “strongly recommended” by our Liability Insurance Provider. The course we’ve developed discusses the dos and don’ts of coaching and we’ve included an overview of the league including administration and finances.

Coaches, please return your equipment after each season. We were short 80 bags and a whole lot of soccer balls because they hadn’t been returned from the first year. It cost the league an extra $2,500 to replace it all. If you, your assistant, or a parent from your team attends the Fun Day Picnic after the last game of the season, the bag can be given to an equipment coordinator for storage until next season. Providing there’s time, we hope to get around to the games this spring and number each of the bags so that we can be sure that they all are returned.

will be included in the coaches’ folders and distributed at the coaches’ meeting. Give them out when you feel is appropriate. Don’t forget anyone and remember to thank your team’s

Player Ratings are necessary for Divisions 4 and 5 if we are to evenly distribute the talent. The only way we have in doing that is for you coaches to complete the player rating form that’s included with this newsletter or you can download a form off the website. Rate only those kids who will be on one of the boys or girls teams in the U10 (Division 5) and U12 (Division $) Teams. Their date of birth will be between 8/1/94 – 7/31/98. Please turn in the rating form to a Board Member when you attend the coaches’ meeting or a training session. If you can’t make the meeting and have to pick up your folder from the YMCA, you can turn in the form there. Finally, you can mail it to the address on the form. Make as many copies as you might need!